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CHIECO is established by CHIE FUJII, a Japanese artist/ceramics maker currently based in Los Angeles, majored and mastered sculpture and fine art at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Fujii has an extensive background in clay art, using traditional/ancient hand-build techniques that explores the passage of time from antiquity to the present. While working as a ceramic artist, Fujii also worked as a studio specialist in the clay department of automotive design studios such as Tesla Design Studio and Honda R&D until 2020. 


Fujii tries to embody the balance between of ancient and contemporary. Fujii’s work process, she consciously chooses what she controls. She dares to let go of that control by embracing the unpredictable, and skillfully incorporates chaos into her piece.  

“Modern Relic” is the most recent art series from Fujii. It honors the beauty of the past by adding superficial deterioration to contemporary pieces. Fired at a high temperature of around 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, the work continues to evolve during the cooling process;  which allows the surface to develop its distinct shape. Fujii tries to express the balance ancient between contemporary. 


Fujii also makes practical items under the name CHIECO Ceramics. When she made her first practical item while making art, she was impressed that it could be blended into daily life and used every day. This is what triggered her to start making practical items. Incorporating art into daily life. That was the main reason she started making practical items. 





CHIECO ceramicsとして実用の器を、Chie Fujiiとしてアートピースを発表する。作品は手捻りで制作され、実用品では遊びのあるドローイングを中心に、アートピースでは実用品のデザインをベースにしながら更に発展させた釉薬と色使いでオブジェクトを制作している。

All functional products are lead-free and food-safe. Hand washing is recommended.